Our mission is to expand the scope and impact of genomics in medicine.

Through innovative products, dedicated patient care, and collaborative research, Recombine is empowering families and revolutionizing personalized medicine.


Recombine is driven by dedicated leaders from a diverse number of fields.

Our work culture is founded on Recombine's core values of innovation, collaboration, responsibility, openness, and service.

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Phone: 855-OUR-GENES (855-687-4363)

Location: 1140 Broadway, Suite 1100, New York 10001


Our Story

Recombine is a clinical genetic testing company that facilitates informed medical decisions through innovative products and collaborative research. Our diverse team of experts leverages the power of big data to build cutting-edge technologies, and our in-depth genetic counseling services deliver valuable insights to thousands of patients and families worldwide. As your partner in genomics, we are committed to advancing personalized medicine and improving health outcomes.