Determine your risk of passing on over 300 genetic diseases to your future child.

80% of children born with a genetic condition have no family history of that disease. CarrierMap is an expanded carrier screen that can help you plan for a healthy family.

CarrierMap is recommended for people who are planning a family or early in pregnancy.


Gain insight into the health of your pregnancy with one simple blood test.

Chromosome abnormalities such as Down syndrome impact over 1 in 107 pregnancies. ChromoMap is a non-invasive prenatal screen to assess risk for these conditions.

ChromoMap is available for women who are at least 10 weeks pregnant.


Contribute to a first-of-its-kind study on the links between genomics and infertility.

1 in 6 couples are impacted by infertility. Through large-scale research, FertilityMap seeks to optimize fertility treatment, helping more families achieve successful pregnancies.

Participation in FertilityMap is currently only open to patients of partner clinics.

genetic counseling

Navigate the complicated world of genomics with help from Recombine’s expert genetic counselors.

Recombine is focused on comprehensive patient care and offers detailed genetic counseling pre- and post-test to help give the most complete picture of your family’s risk.

Recombine genetic counseling is available alongside CarrierMap and ChromoMap at no additional charge.

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Phone: 855-OUR-GENES (855-687-4363)

Location: 1140 Broadway, Suite 1100, New York 10001


Recombine values informed medical decision-making and offers in-depth genetic counseling to all patients and providers.


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Recombine’s comprehensive genetic counseling sessions are designed based on clinical genetic counseling to help you and your patients make informed medical decisions. Recombine’s board-certified genetic counselors carefully prepare for every post-test consult and explain patients’ results in a way that is easy to understand. For each patient, Recombine genetic counselors also take a full personal and family medical history, providing a more complete assessment of reproductive risk.

Recombine’s genetic counselors are available to speak with patients prior to testing to help determine if one of Recombine’s offerings is right for them. We are committed to informed testing and also provide pre-test counseling cards to help your team discuss the testing options and possible results with patients in-clinic prior to testing.

Genetic counseling is not limited to our patients; our genetic counseling team is always happy to answer any of your questions about patient results or the science of genetics. We have an on-call genetic counselor who is regularly available to assist you at any time.

After each patient consult, Recombine’s genetic counselor writes up a detailed account of everything that was discussed, including disease information for carriers, family history risks, and the patient’s planned next steps. These letters help ensure that you are kept informed and involved in every aspect of your patient’s Recombine care.


Recombine reaches out to all patients to offer complimentary post-test genetic counseling. We value making genetic counseling accessible and offer evening and weekend availability to accommodate any schedule. We are happy to tailor the genetic counseling process to your clinic's specific needs.

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To speak with a Recombine genetic counselor, please call 855-OUR-GENES, ext. 2.