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Navigate the complicated world of genomics with help from Recombine’s expert genetic counselors.

Recombine is focused on comprehensive patient care and offers detailed genetic counseling to help give you the most complete picture of your family’s risk.

Recombine genetic counseling is available alongside CarrierMap and ChromoMap at no additional charge.

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Connect with our clinical support and billing team to make your Recombine experience seamless and superior.

At Recombine, we recognize that each sample that comes through our laboratory belongs to an individual with their own unique story, so we take a personalized approach to patient care and clinical service.


Engage, learn, and grow with Recombine’s educational tools and events.

Recombine provides a variety of educational initiatives and resources to empower both medical professionals and the community. We invite you to explore our projects and events and learn more about genetics, fertility, and beyond.

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We believe that affordable testing is a priority, and we aim to make our billing process clear and easy.

Frequent Billing Questions

Will insurance cover CarrierMap and/or ChromoMap? ›

How much will patients owe? ›

Can patients without insurance receive Recombine testing? ›

How does the billing process work? ›

Recombine accepts most types of private (commercial) insurance (as an out-of-network laboratory). The majority of insurance plans provide coverage for common diseases that are included on CarrierMap and ChromoMap. However, coverage will depend on individual plan benefits.

Recombine has a discount program for patients with certain insurance coverage, which may reduce the fee for Recombine’s services. Eligibility for Recombine’s discount program depends on a number of factors, including insurance coverage and the state in which a patient lives.

If you have questions about anticipated costs, please contact our billing team at 855-687-4363 ext. 3.

Recombine strives to make our testing affordable and accessible for all. Without insurance coverage, or in the case of financial difficulties, patients may be eligible for assistance from Recombine. Our billing specialists will be able to help determine anticipated costs, which may also potentially be covered by a health savings account or repaid via payment plan.

Recombine’s billing process is simple and straightforward. After testing, Recombine submits a claim to the patient's insurance carrier on their behalf for the genetic testing services provided.

The patient and Recombine will receive an EOB--which is not a bill--from the insurance company explaining what was covered. If the patient does not provide Recombine with credit card information on the original requisition form, we will invoice them for the amount due, which must be paid within 30 days.

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Our billing specialists are happy to answer your questions about insurance coverage, invoicing, and price estimation at any time. To get in touch with Recombine’s billing team, please call 855-OUR-GENES or email