genetic counseling

Navigate the complicated world of genomics with help from Recombine’s expert genetic counselors.

Recombine is focused on comprehensive patient care and offers detailed genetic counseling to help give you the most complete picture of your family’s risk.

Recombine genetic counseling is available alongside CarrierMap and ChromoMap at no additional charge.

Client Services

Connect with our clinical support and billing team to make your Recombine experience seamless and superior.

At Recombine, we recognize that each sample that comes through our laboratory belongs to an individual with their own unique story, so we take a personalized approach to patient care and clinical service.


Engage, learn, and grow with Recombine’s educational tools and events.

Recombine provides a variety of educational initiatives and resources to empower both medical professionals and the community. We invite you to explore our projects and events and learn more about genetics, fertility, and beyond.

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Phone: 855-OUR-GENES (855-687-4363)

Location: 1140 Broadway, Suite 1100, New York 10001


Recombine’s diverse support team includes experts from a variety of fields committed to helping you through all aspects of the testing process.

How we support you

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Recombine responds to the dynamic needs of our clinical partners. We are happy to offer flexible options for a customizable Recombine experience, and our account representatives are easily accessible via phone, email, and on-site visits.

Our clinical support team is committed to your satisfaction and boasts an accelerated response time for all interactions. We strive to alleviate your workload and optimize your clinical workflow.

Recombine provides your office with CarrierMap blood and/or saliva collection kits as well as ChromoMap blood collection kits, depending on the needs of your practice. Each kit contains all necessary requisition forms as well as patient information regarding the test and billing practices. Simply collect patient samples, place the kit in a prepaid FedEx envelope, and ship the kit back to our laboratory. Our team is happy to help arrange standard recurring FedEx pickups as well and answer any questions you might have.

Recombine’s clinic portal allows you to order kits, track results status, and view patient results easily and efficiently. Our system also integrates with electronic medical records for optimal clinical workflow.

Recombine accepts most private insurance plans and includes detailed “Billing Basics” information guides inside every kit. Recombine’s billing experts are available to you and your patients to answer all of your insurance and payment questions and help simplify the billing process.

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To get in touch with Recombine’s clinical support team, please call 855-OUR-GENES or email